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SolarAccess your partner in design and construction of industrial solar energy installations

Your benefits when purchasing a solar power plant:

  • Saving on energy costs
  • Predictable financial return
  • Visible and real contribution to CO2 reduction
  • Green image to customers, employees and suppliers

SolarAccess offers an experienced, professional and competent team that completely takes care of the realization of your solar installation among others:

  • SolarAccess design/engineering team
  • Use of quality materials
  • Selection of quality suppliers
  • SolarAccess project managers

What information do we need:

For a free initial quick scan we are happy to receive from you:
  • The exact address, or if the coordinates of the location
  • If known: size of the available roof / land surface
  • If known: type of roof structure (concrete, steel, wood) and type of roofing

Where we can install your solar system?

  • Flat roofs and land plots upward of 3500m²
  • Sloping roofs upward of 2000m²
  • System size upward of 350 kWp

Our team is ready to serve you.

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An industrial solar energy installation including finance and maintenance

Including finance:

SolarAccess can provide you a full service solar energy installation. With our partners ING, ABN AMRO, Triodos and KBC bank, we can deliver you sustainable solar energy at your location. Together with our finance partners we have a large portfolio under own management and we are highly experienced to realize a technical and financial optimal installation to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. We can install these industrial solar systems on flat and pitched roofs and on land plots upward of an area of approximately 2500 m2.

Your benefits:

  • A solar energy system without investment
  • No technical and climatic risks
  • No financial risks
  • No maintenance costs
  • Predictable energy price developments
  • Sustainable Solar energy reduces your purchase of “gray” electricity
  • Contribution to your sustainable goals

Of course, it is possible to participate in the investment.

What information do we need:

For a free initial quick scan we are happy to receive from you:

  • The exact address, if available the coordinates of the location
  • The annual electricity consumption for this location
  • If known: size of the available roof / land surface
  • If known: type of roof structure (concrete, steel, wood) and type of roofing

Service, maintenance and monitoring

An industrial solar power often means a major investment. Of course you will receive an attractive return during 25 years.

To maximize the return of your investment, your plant should be monitored daily and professionally maintained. You can rely on our monitoring and service team to be assured of the highest possible return.

Meanwhile, SolarAccess monitors and maintains a large number of industrial solar energy systems with our own service team and we are pleased to offer you our services.

Our services options are:

Monitoring: The daily monitoring of your plant. We monitor, check and review every day hundreds of installations. All inverters of these installations are analyzed every 15 minutes.

Preventive maintenance: Regular preventive maintenance of your installation is required.

Interventions: In case of a necessary intervention, we can agree upfront the price and the intervention time.
Our service team will response promptly after identifying a failure.

Replacement of materials: With this option the materials are replaced by our service team during the materials warranty period. Of course this is also an possibility after the warranty period.

Cleaning of the solar panels: In case of pollution, we can professionally and safely clean the solar panels.

Reporting:Depending on the option selected, you will receive periodic reports on the progress of your installation.

Our professional maintenance team is ready to serve you.

Management Solar power plants

Managing solar power plants

We take care of the management of our solar power plants including contract management, administration, accounting, reporting to shareholders and banks etc. With our expertise and experience in this area we can also be of service for your solar power plant(s). We are glad to inform you about our possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

Investing in solar power plants

Investing in solar energy installations

As well ecologically as economically, investing in solar is a good move. Before we realize the installation, we study some important aspects. We check and review the local irradiation data, the current electricity rates and the possibilities for incentives. So we can succeed in offering attractive returns with low risk.  

By developing ourselves the solar systems and with our project-oriented approach, we can guarantee a high yield level and a maximum of guarantees. The system losses remain limited to a minimum thanks to our effective system design. But there is more. If you wish, we can propose you a finance plan. After commissioning we remain responsible for the monitoring and service of the solar installations. SolarAccess always invests in the solarparks to remain aligned with investors and financial institutions. In the financial world we are a reputable and reliable partner for realizing industrial solar power plants.

If you are interested in participating / investing in our solar power plants, we are at your service.